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A booklet of 3 punchneedle designs, with two sizes of each design - that celebrates all of our seasons of love & friendship.

Ever since I was a little girl, there has always been something so very special about Valentines. . . their lacy edges, their expressions of love & friendship, & the encouragement they brought to each person who received one - they seemed magical. . .

Then as I grew older, I learned of the origin of Valentines - of the man - we now know as St. Valentine, who upon being imprisoned for his faith - sent letters & notes - expressions of his love for his family & friends. . . that which started a tradition that we look forward to each year. . . the sending (& receiving!) of Valentines.

To this day - the tradition of Valentines is one that blesses our lives whether we are the recipient or we are the sender. So, when it came to creating a set of designs for punchneedle, I couldn’t help but think of creating a more permanent Valentine, one that could be given as a token to express our love for our family & friends. So however you choose to create your punchneedle ‘Valentine’, I hope that it brings the same joy that Valentines have for centuries.

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