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We are so pleased to present
'Simple Things, Small Joys'
- filled with seven quilts & two home accessory designs - for you & your home.

When I think back on the things that really have mattered in life. . . it’s the simple things that have added up to the most joy.

I think that is why I love quilting & needlework so much. . . the quiet simplicity in the act of making them. . . as well as the great joy they bring. It’s not always that every project may seem ‘easy’ -
but that is part of the beauty & joy of quiltmaking - that in the breaking down of the process. . . taking each step at a time. . . soon those steps add up to a wonderful “work-of-heart”.

The learning of taking things a step at a time are lessons that my Mom taught me from the time I was small. I can remember when I first started to sew & I would take on a little more than I thought I could handle, Mom would hear my sighs of frustration & she would come in & encourage me to take a breather - so that I could see it with “fresh eyes”, as she called it. Sure enough, it was what I needed to be able to start again with my “fresh eyes” & experience the joy of completing a project.

That has sprouted into our ‘little acorn’ philosophy, that “from little acorns - mighty oaks grow” - to not only remind us to take things a step at a time, but also to reach for our dreams. . . no matter how simple, no matter how small.

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