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Amberley Scrap bags (includes two sets of the scraps)


Caroline Scrap bags (includes two sets of the scraps)


We have made these fun baggies (12” x 14”) - filled with wonderful prints from my fabric lines with Moda - for you to have limitless fun with!

Perfect for appliqué, strip quilts, or for simply building your stash!

These bags are filled with fun pieces that can be used in so many ways!


There are two kinds of scrap bags -


• Option B - includes scraps from my Amberley collection.***   -  with pieces that range from about 1” x 13” - to - 7” x 13”.  



• Option C -  includes scraps from my Caroline collection*** -  with pieces that range from about 1” x 13” - to - 9” x 13”.    Sold Out



 *** We have the scrap bags available as flat folds (instead of the way they are pictured in the photo) - so we have been able to lower the shipping costs - as we can fit 1-2 into a

padded Priority Mail envelope & more into the regional boxes in the U.S.

(If you are ordering more than one scrap bag - please know we will be adjusting & refunding the shipping cost to the actual box size needed/used.

In our experience - the more items ordered, we are able to combine the items into a smaller box than the shopping cart usually figures.)



All proceeds from the sale of our scrap bags will go towards our Quilted Comfort project - to purchase needed supplies & for shipping of the quilts to their recipients.

So, not only do you get to have fun with all the Caroline, & Amberley prints - but you get to support a wonderful cause!