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40" x 52"


Growing up we always had a dog & I truly love them so...  There have also been a few animals that I loved, but knew I could nevver have as a pet...

& giraffes are one of them. As a little girl, I would always want to be sure to see them when we went to the zoo.

Then, I got the chance to see them up close at the San Diego Wild Animal Park

& I couldn’t get over their grace & elegance for being so tall & large. 

After the response to my little owl quilt - ‘Remember ‘Whooo’ Loves You’... I always knew that I wanted to follow it up

with some of the baby animals that I have loved since I was little... & so I’m continuing the designs with a sweet baby giraffe...

& what could be a more perfect name for a patchwork giraffe quilt... but Patches!


~  A portion of the proceeds from this pattern ‘Patches’ will be donated to Animal Adventure Park 

(www.theanimaladventurepark.com) for their continuing efforts in animal education & conservation...  

& especially in honor of April & Oliver & their baby calf Tajiri, their amazing giraffes who 

have helped bring to light to so many the plight of giraffes in the wild. 

A big thank you to Jordan Patch & the team at AAP! ~



**This pattern is also available as a PDF pattern (click here).